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  • Paul Messina Shares Deep Dive Into US Exascale Roadmap

    Ahead of ISC 2016, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, next week, HPCwire reached out to Paul Messina to get an update on the deliverables and timeline for the United States’ Exascale Computing Project. The ten-year project has been charged with standing up at least two … Read More

  • Paul Messina on the New ECP Exascale Computing Project

    Argonne Distinguished Fellow Paul Messina has been tapped to lead the Exascale Computing Project, heading a team with representation from the six major participating DOE national laboratories: Argonne, Los Alamos, Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Oak Ridge and Sandia. The project program office is located at … Read More

  • Exascale Timeline Pushed to 2023: What’s Missing in Supercomputing?

    The roadmap to build and deploy an exascale computer has extended over the last few years–and more than once. Initially, the timeline marked 2018 as the year an exaflop-capable system would be on the floor, just one year after the CORAL pre-exascale machines are installed … Read More

  • Budget Request Reveals New Elements of US Exascale Program

    A drill down into the FY2017 budget released by the Obama administration on Tuesday brings to light important information about the United States’ exascale program. As we reported in earlier coverage of the budget announcement, this is the first time that real numbers have been … Read More

  • The impact of the U.S. supercomputing initiative will be global

    Last July, President Obama issued an executive order that created a coordinated federal strategy for HPC research, development, and deployment called the U.S. National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI). This bold, necessary step toward building the next generation of supercomputers has inaugurated a new era for … Read More

  • Why the U.S. National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) Matters

    A centerpiece of last week’s IDC HPC User Forum agenda was the Sep 10th morning session dedicated to multiple, expert panel discussions on the U.S. National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI). The NSCI, created by executive order on July 29th, defines a multi-agency framework for furthering … Read More

  • Advancing U.S. Leadership in High-Performance Computing

    Over the past 60 years, the United States has been a leader in the development and deployment of cutting-edge computing systems. High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems, through their high levels of computing power and large amounts of storage capacity, have been and remain essential to economic … Read More

  • White House Launches National HPC Strategy

    Yesterday’s executive order by President Barack Obama creating a National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) is not only powerful acknowledgment of the vital role HPC plays in modern society but is also indicative of government’s mounting worry that failure to coordinate and nourish HPC development on … Read More

  • Executive Order — Creating a National Strategic Computing Initiative

    Over the past six decades, U.S. computing capabilities have been maintained through continuous research and the development and deployment of new computing systems with rapidly increasing performance on applications of major significance to government, industry, and academia. Maximizing the benefits of HPC in the coming … Read More