ASCR Report

Almgren, Ann, Phil DeMar, Jeffrey Vetter, Katherine Riley, Katie Antypas, Deborah Bard, Richard Coffey, et al. 2017. “Advanced Scientific Computing Research Exascale Requirements Review. An Office of Science Review Sponsored by Advanced Scientific Computing Research, September 27-29, 2016, Rockville, Maryland”. United States. doi:10.2172/1375638.

Available for download: Four-page ASCR report summary

The widespread use of computing in the American economy would not be possible without a thoughtful, exploratory research and development (R&D) community pushing the performance edge of operating systems, computer languages, and software libraries. These are the tools and building blocks — the hammers, chisels, bricks, and mortar — of the smartphone, the cloud, and the computing services on which we rely. Engineers and scientists need ever-more specialized computing tools to discover new material properties for manufacturing, make energy generation safer and more efficient, and provide insight into the fundamentals of the universe, for example. The research division of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Advanced Scientific Computing and Research (ASCR Research) ensures that these tools and building blocks are being developed and honed to meet the extreme needs of modern science. See also for additional information.