ASCR Agenda

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Monday, September 26

8 pm:  Chairs meet with breakout leads.

Tuesday, September 27

Time Topic Speaker
7:30 Registration, Refreshments
8:30 Welcome & Introductions Chairs
8:45 Genesis of this Meeting Barb Helland, ASCR
9:00 View from ASCR Research Bill Harrod, ASCR
9:50 Break
10:15 ASCR Computing Facilities Presentation – Katherine Riley, ALCF
Compute Facilities resources, plans, and activities, a brief overview of reviews
ESNet resources, plans, and activities
Followed by open Q&A including Facility Directors
11:15 Survey Results and Breakout Group Organization, Chairs
11:45 Working Lunch – Charge to Working Groups
12:30 First Breakout Sessions (Day 1): PRODUCTION SYSTEMS ONLY
Software Development – Lois McInnes
HPC Architectures – Galen Shipman
Distributed Computing and Networking (HPDC) – Salman Habib
Data Management, Vis & Analytics, Storage – Wes Bethel
2:30 Break (Refreshments)
2:45 Breakout Sessions: Science Drivers
Second Breakout Sessions (Day 1): EARLY SYSTEMS ONLY
Software Development – David Bernholdt
HPC Architectures – Sam Williams
Distributed Computing and Networking (HPDC) – Rob Roser
Data Management, Vis & Analytics, Storage – Peter Nugent
Systems Software – Kathryn Mohror
 4:45 Break
 5:00 ECP Update – Paul Messina
 5:45 ECP Q&A with Paul

Wednesday, September 28

Time Topic Speaker
8:00 Refreshments
8:30 Plan for day and (all Tuesday breakouts)
Summaries of the breakouts from the previous day. If previous day breakouts repeated, integrate the summaries perhaps.
 9:30 Break and move to breakouts (see matrix)
9:45 First Breakout Sessions (Day 2): EMERGING SYSTEMS ONLY (First 4)
HPC Architectures – Franck Cappello
Data Management, Vis & Analytics, Storage – Ken Morel
Systems Software – Jeff Hollingsworth
Production Systems: Operational Data & Policies – Shirley Moore
Production Systems: Systems Deployment & Support – Todd Gamblin
11:45 Prepare breakout summaries
12:00 Working Lunch including Breakout Summaries and Q&A – full group
 1:30 Final Breakout Sessions
 3:300 Break
 3:45 Reports on Wednesday Breakouts, Breakout Leads
Next steps
Writing assignments
4:45 Summary and Thanks from Chairs

Thursday, September 29

Time Topic Participants
All Day ** Co-chairs, Leads, Writers meet to continue working on report **
Several hotel conference rooms available for writing and meetings.