HEP Agenda

Agenda in PDF format (21 KB).

Wednesday, June 10


Potomac / Susquehanna / Severn Suite

Time Topic Speaker
9:00 Welcome from ASCR and HEP Carolyn Lauzon, ASCR; Lali Chatterjee, HEP
9:05 Requirements Reviews and Impact Barbara Helland, ASCR Facilities Director
9:20 Meeting Purpose, Organization, and Logistics Salman Habib, ANL; Rob Roser; ANL; Richard Gerber, NERSC
9:30 P5 Science Drivers: Accelerator Experiments Panagiotis Spentzouris, FNAL
9:45 P5 Science Drivers: Cosmic Surveys Peter Nugent, LBNL
10:00 P5 Science Drivers: Theory Stefan Höche, SLAC
10:25 Break
10:40 Data Movement and Storage Brian Bockelman, U. Nebraska; Joe Metzger, ESNet
11:20 HEP Science Workflows Torre Weanus, BNAL; Don Petravick, NCSA
12:10 Working Lunch: ASCR Facility Plans Sudip Dosanjh; NERSC, ALCF, OLCF representatives
1:30 HEP Facility Plans Lothar Bauerdick, FNAL
2:00 Traditional HPC Needs Richard Brower, Boston University; Katrin Heitmann, ANL; Jean-Luc Vay, LBNL
2:45 Use of HPC by Data-Intensive Projects Tom LeCompte, ANL; Peter Nugent, LBNL
3:30 Break
3:45 ASCR Connections with HEP and Future Trends Steve Binkley, DOE Associate Director for Advanced Scientific Computing Research
4:00 HEP Computing Challenges James Siegrist, DOE Associate Director for High Energy Physics
4:15 Open Discussion with Directors “Exascale Environment and Co-Evolution of Facilities” Salman Habib, ANL; Richard Gerber, NERSC – moderators
5:00 General Discussion
5:30 Adjourn/Committee Meeting Organizing and Program Committees

Thursday, June 11

Time Topic Speaker Location
9:00 Day 1 summary and charge to the breakout groups Salman Habib, Rob Roser, Richard Gerber Potomac / Susquehanna / Severn Suite
9:30 Breakouts
Breakout 1: Traditional HPC: Accelerators, Cosmology, LQCD Potomac / Susquehanna / Severn Suite
Breakout 2: Non-Traditional HPC: Energy, Intensity, Comsic Frontiers; Energy/Intensity Theory Waterford Suite
10:30 Break
10:45 Breakouts (continued) Breakout rooms
12:30 Working Lunch
1:30 Reports from morning breakouts and discussion All Potomac / Susquehanna / Severn Suite
3:00 Break
3:30 Breakouts reassemble and craft high-level findings Breakout rooms
4:30 Presentation of high-level findings from breakouts All Potomac / Susquehanna / Severn Suite
5:30 Adjourn

Friday, June 12

Time Topic Participants
9:00 Report Preparation Report authors
1:00 Adjourn