FES Agenda

Agenda in PDF format (85 KB).

Tuesday, January 26

Evening: ** Chairs and Leads Pre-Meeting **

Wednesday, January 27

Time Topic Speaker
7:30 Registration
8:30 Welcome & Introduction
8:40 Genesis of this Meeting Barb Helland, ASCR
9:15 View from Fusion Energy Sciences John Mandrekas, FES
9:50 Exascale Review Status Updates — Chairs and Session Leaders
10:30 Break
10:45 ASCR Computing Facilities Presentation
12:10 Working Lunch
ASCR Computing Facilities Presentation
Charge to Working Groups
1:00 Breakout Sessions:
Magnetic Fusion Energy Sciences

  • Turbulence & Transport
  • MHD & Energetic Particles
  • RF Heating & Current Drive
  • Whole Device Modeling (cross-cutting)
  • V&V (cross-cutting)
Materials Science

  • Plasma Surface Interactions
  • Structural Materials
Discovery Plasma Science

  • General Plasma Science
  • High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas
  • Low Temperature Plasmas
Computing & Data Challenges @ BES Facilities
4:00 Break
4:14 Break
4:15 Q&A Session with the FES and ASCR Associate Directors
5:30 Breakout leads present key questions and issues discussed in each session

Wednesday, November 4

Time Topic Speaker
8:00 Refreshments
8:30 Computational materials science: a multi-disciplinary enterprise Thomas Schulthess,
Director, Swiss National Supercomputing Center, ETH Zurich
 9:10 Summary by Chairs, Outline of Report  Michael BandaTom DevereauxTheresa Windus
9:30 Break
10:00 Breakouts – Continuation of 1:00 PM Tuesday Sessions; Outline Sections, Start Writing
Quantum Materials, Core Challenges in Heavy-Element Chemistry, Exotic States, Emergence  Aurora Clark, Washington State University; Andy Millis, Columbia University
Catalysis, Photosynthesis, Light Harvesting, Combustion  Laura Gagliardi, University of Minnesota;
Thanks Panagiotopoulos, Princeton University
Materials & Chemical Discovery Ilya Siepmann, University of Minnesota; Chris Wolverton, Northwestern University
Computing & Data Challenges @ BES Facilities Thomas Proffen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
12:00 Working Lunch
1:00 Breakout Sessions: Computing Landscape
Next Generation Programming Jackie Chen, Sandia National Laboratories; Anouar Benali, Argonne National Laboratory
Advances in Quantum Algorithms  Mark Gordon, Iowa State University; Paul Kent, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Math & Computer Science Jamie Sfethian, University of California, Berkeley; Lori Diachin, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Data Management, Analytics, Visualization & Preservation  Craig Tull, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Kerstin Kleese van Dam, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Soft Matter, Biochemistry, Bioinspired Materials: Included here are Multiscale Methods & Algorithms and Classical Molecular Dynamics Pray Vashishta, University of Southern California; Mark Stevens, Sandia National Laboratories
2:30-2:50 Break
 4:00 Break
4:20 Reports on Wednesday Breakouts, Breakout Leads, 15 minutes each
5:20 Summary and Thanks from Chairs
5:45 End for Most Participants

Thursday, November 5

Time Topic Participants
8:30 Cochairs, Leads, Writers meet to continue working on report
12:00 Adjourn